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General Dentistry

First we evaluate your general oral health and then we talk to you about next steps that could include a simple cleaning or more extensive treatment. Our goal is to help you look and feel better from head to toe!


Despite improvements to individual dental care, many people still experience tooth loss due to decay, gingivitis or injury. For many years, the only restorative treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common procedure in general dentistry, but most especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. A child’s deciduous or “baby” teeth are generally whiter than the adult teeth that follow. As a person ages, the adult teeth often become darker due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, and other factors like diet.

Botox/Dermal Fillers

The esthetics of dentistry has come a long way in helping patients feel comfortable from head to toe. From composites, crowns to veneers, modern dentists have added Botox® and Dermal Filler treatment.

Exciting New News: Dr. Doherty is now trained to offer Botox and dermal fillers as services in the office to treat dental problems like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, bruxism, and facial pain and also provide cosmetic enhancements. Dr. Doherty is well-trained in the musculature and anatomy of the face making him more than qualified in giving injections than any other health-care provider. As a dentist, he is able to anesthetize our patients to enhance comfort at the injection site, making for a better experience!

Did you know that Crystal Valley Dental is the only office in this area that works directly with a local lab for custom shading of anterior crowns/veneers? Matching for anterior restorations is accomplished by seeing the patient in the lab for a custom shade photo appointment. The patient is seen by one of the technicians who is actually fabricating the restorations, photos are taken, and a consultation about their expectation of shade matching takes place. Call for an appointment today!